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We all had to deal with the issues created by the continuous increase in file size when using MS Access databases as back-ends.  With this easy to use tool you can compact and back-up any MS Access database on your network (it actually creates two backup copies, one pre-compact in case there are issues during compacting and one post-compact).  To avoid problems that sometimes occur while attempting to compact over a (slow) network connection, the utility will copy the file to the local C:\drive in a specific folder, compact it there then move it back to the original location. You can use the autorun feature in conjunction with a Windows Scheduler task to automate compacting of your back-end during convenient idle time when the file is not in use.

Download  ForestByteApps  Backend Compact/Backup Utility

ForestByteApps - MS Access db compact/back-up utilityForestByteApps - MS Access db compact/back-up utility