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FORESTBYTEAPPS Access to Oracle Migration Companion

If you ever had to migrate your Access back-end to Oracle you probably know that this is a daunting task even with all the tools and utilities out there to help you with the migration. Some of the issues come from the very relaxed naming conventions allowed by Access (that is why we love it right...wink, wink) for just about anything: table names, field names, etc. You can have spaces, you can have question marks, there are hardly any restrictions on how you name your entities in Access. And while this is a great benefit for those new to database development it creates huge problems when trying to up-size your back-end to a more restrictive database platform like Oracle, MySQL or MS SQL Server. If your application is quite complex this means re-writing potentially hundreds or thousands of queries, macros, lines of code, etc. This companion helps you to avoid all that by replacing the original Access back-end tables with Access queries based on the newly linked Oracle tables that are "mapped" so they match the original Access table. The utility has quite a bit a functionality built in it, you will need to explore the VBA code and see what each button does, but I hope it would save you some precious time like it did for me.

Download FBA Access to Oracle Migration Companion

ForestByteApps Access to Oracle Migration CompanionForestByteApps Access to Oracle Migration Companion