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FORESTBYTEAPPS DB LAUNCHER - MS Access database launcher

No more running around to all the department workstations to deploy a new version of your front-end . With this easy to use tool you can deploy an updated front end or even a brand new application, copy any related files (such as .dll's, logos,etc.) to all users's local drives. The tool can be customized to work with either similar local paths (C:\MyApp) or with user-specific special folders (C:\.....MyDocuments\MyApp or C:\....\Desktop\MyApp). It acts like a quick "splash" screen and it works by comparing the current version number of the local front-end against the version number of the "master" front-end on a network location. If the "master" version is higher than the local one it first makes a back-up copy of the local front-end (to allow user to import/copy any modified objects such as custom queries, reports, etc.) and then it copies over the "master" front-end and opens it (closing itself at the very end).

Download FBA_Launcher