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FORESTBYTEAPPS FUZE - All-in-one MS Access database creator

This custom MS Access tool will join your selected Access front-end with its back-end data to create an instant "all-in-one' database that can be used as a back-up, temporary development platform, portable read-only solution (meaning any data manipulation will not impact the live data in the real linked back-end).  Please note that this tool works with any back-end database (mix) the front-end might use: MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, ORACLE, etc. The tool will create a list of the linked tables and their associated connections strings and will allow you to "split" the all- in-one (basically remove the local tables and re-link it to the original back end).  By using the "Auto-Run" feature it will create a new "all-in-one" database every time it is opened; it can be used by department managers to run reports (much faster than in a production environment as all data is local), by other off-site staff that do not need live access or by a developer that wants to work on the front-end and needs a fresh data-set.

Download FBA_Fuze


FBA Fuze - All-in-one MS Access database creatorFBA Fuze - All-in-one MS Access database creator