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If you ever had to automate the importation of email forms (basically parsing the email message body based on a set "template" with labels followed by their related data) you will love this tool.  It contains all the objects required to get you started with email parsing, and the best part is, it is re-usable.  I have used it myself on quite a few clients, and the email forms were totally different.  The hardest part is to set up the import template, which basically uses two consecutive labels to identify the data associated with the first one.  I know it might sound confusing, but the file contains a sample and by examining the input (the email body) and the template I'm sure most developers will have no problems adapting it for their needs.

The code will process a specific Outlook folder, download all the messages from that into a temporary table, move the original messages to a "processed" Outlook folder (usually a sub-folder of the first one) then parse the content of the body of the email message, add it to a temporary table  for review and final acceptance by the user (with a button that would move the new record to the main database table).

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ForestByteApps Email Form ParserForestByteApps Email Form Parser