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FORESTBYTEAPPS CUSTOM ACCESS LEVELS -  customize your application's interface for specific groups of users.

Most Microsoft Access applications  are designed with "static" interfaces that look and act the same to all users.  But imagine that you have some summer help doing data entry in your application and you do not want to give her access to the tab showing financial information for the client.  Or maybe you do want her to see it but not be able to edit it.  Or maybe she can add and edit financial records but not be able to delete them.  The FBA custom access levels utility contains all the objects required to allow you to achieve all of the above scenarios.  You will end up with dynamic forms (and reports) that look and act differently for each distinct group of users (which are assigned numeric "access levels").  Once you set the access level rules all you need is to add one line of code (Call vcSetAccessLevels("Form", Me.Name) )to the Form_Open event of each of the forms you want to control and the code will hide/unhide, enable/disable, lock/unlock all the individual controls (labels,text boxes, list boxes,command buttons, subform, etc.) for which you have setup access levels rules. 

All you need to do is to import all the objects in your application, tweak the code to fit your design if needed and setup the access level rules.  You will need a table holding the list of users and their assigned "access level"; you can use the included one or use your own if you have one.  And obviously the tables will have to be placed in the shared back-end (does not have to be Access, the code works just as fine with other back-ends such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.).

Download the FBA Custom Access Levels utility